John’s Tombstone

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This is a digital eulogy to my dad. Drive inside a dream, explore one of Saturn's moons, and discover the afterlife. John's Tombstone is a walking simulator; a story split in three chapters, each chapter very different from the other.


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A Digital Eulogy
John’s Tombstone is a narrative game with 3 chapters each one completely different from the other. You will be driving a car in a dream, walking around on the afterlife and talking with angels to unravel a story of acceptance, sci-fi and emotional strength. The chapters here within will resonate more if you’ve lost someone dear to you.

Three Stories

3 stories tied by one unique arc
A mix of 3D and 2D with different mechanics on each chapter
A walking simulator experience with themes involving science fiction, the afterlife and dreams
Fully voiced storyline
The chance to engrave the name of a loved one in a digital cemetery

Something different
This game is the digital eulogy to my dad, a man whose name was not John. Each chapter will tell you a bit of how people fight with grief while also leaking some small real-life details of a great man.